My Hero

Among my early influencers I would name my Dad on the top.
He was a school science teacher in Lucknow. It was in late fifties and I was also one of his students. Surprisingly our school had a huge science laboratory which today even rich private schools might not have.
We often had the demonstration of full experiments in the laboratory class room. Like he would show that how oxygen gas can be made and how it is essential for life or like the aberrations of the eyes and how they can be corrected or how a periscope in a submarine functions.
He asked the students to participate in outdoor sports and they should do it for the love of the sports, winning or losing was immaterial.
At home he would often talk about the lives and the discoveries of great scientists such as Madam Curie, Neil Bohr, Einstein, Galileo and Newton.
He would help me with many subjects besides science like languages, mathematics and social sciences. I would freely take his counsel during participation in debates, first aid classes and recitation.
He kindled interest in science among his students who mostly were from poor backgrounds by organizing science fairs, where the same students demonstrated models such as “Test your Nerve”, “Telegraph” and “Fire alarm”. Once the education minister of UP was the chief guest and he had spent a lot of time watching the models and in discussions with my Dad.
Some of his students did very well in life and they remained in his touch with him even after many years.
The most important lesson which I have received from him is that one should love once profession, irrespective of whether one gets rewarded or not.

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