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Love is a one Time Offer
I experienced Thainess when I visited Bangkok. I remembered visiting Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology at Soi Sukhmvit 11in Bangkok. It was nine in the evening and most of the tables were occupied. It was newly opened Indian restaurant with excellent ambience on fifth floor. I chose a table near a window and sat on a reclining chair. In a few moments a waitress approached him with a menu card.
“I will have Mohito and Teriyaki Grilled Chicken.”
She courteously took the order and returned with a tray within a couple of minutes.
I saw three Thai girls in miniskirts and low neck tops who were casually moving near the tables occupied by singles. I guessed that they were hookers and they were soliciting for customers.
I got excited by just looking at the girls and by the prospects of cohabiting one of them. I recollected that the last I had intimacy with Madhu over fifteen months back. I practiced total abstinence during my hospitalization, recovery and during the period when my fortunes rose to the new heights.
I knew that tourism was the major trade in Thailand. For me the restaurant was an alien place where every person in view had come with the intention of having fun. I also looked like as an affluent tourist. I believed that my reputation was fully protected due to the sheer magnitude of the flesh trade in the country. The flesh trade offered a rich sensual experience for all those who were ready to spend. Here the sex was being promoted with finesse as no more than an indulgence, without the trappings of guilt, social stigma or some kind of perversion, just in contrast to how it was viewed in the Indian society. I thought that I didn’t have to feel worried about my image there.
I signaled towards the girls by lifting my glass and then waited.
In a few seconds they approached me.
“Sawat Dee Kha, Di Chan Chue Nee Kha.Yin Dee Thii Dai Ruu Jak Kha.”
“Khrap, Phom Chue Rahul Khrap. May I have the pleasure of your company?”
“Sure, whom do you prefer?”
I was inwardly happy that I could exercise my choice without causing any embarrassment to rest of the girls. I pointed towards the buxom one.
The girls smiled and my chosen girl sat down on a reclining chair near me and rest of them walked away.
“Sawat Dee Kha Dichan Chue Poo Kha.”
“Do you have a room?” I asked.
She smiled and mentioned that there were proper arrangements and that I could just follow her. My drink was already over. I called the waiter and cleared my bill with a generous tip.
I followed the girl to the lift and we went down by one floor. She took me to a suite and then put the latch on.
I was happy to see the arrangements. It was a well furnished air-conditioned suite. It had a double bed with clean linen, a refrigerator stacked with beer cans and a clean attached washroom.
We spent about two hours on the bed. Then in turn we both went to the wash room. I paid her five thousand bahts and then she thanked and we left the suite.
I felt quite rejuvenated by the experience
After reaching back to Lebua State Tower I ordered Black Label, soda and ice.


Madhu had never attempted to escape in the last fifteen months.
“Any attempt to escape would bring in dire consequences for you and your boyfriend.” Jindal believed that she had surrendered herself to his mercy, because she believed in his threats.

She was mortified by her past memory of the attack on me, when I lay on the roadside injured.
She had conformed to the rules laid by Jindal and she remained in his custody. She had no love or regards for him but she never thought of escaping either.
Therefore her escape went unnoticed for a few hours as Jindal and Monty were away for a booze session.
Madhu hired a taxi and asked the driver to go to Lebua State Tower.
The taxi ride for almost for an hour. It passed through a few traffic points and finally reached the hotel.
She went to the reception and was directed to my special suite.
It was an air conditioned luxury suite with a large balcony overlooking Phraya river. It was decorated with large murals and flowers. It smelled fresh and was well lit.
I took her in my arms and kissed passionately. Our eyes were welled with tears. Though she had hoped to meet me one day, yet she did not believe that it would really come.
When she spoke her first words, her body was trembling, “Rahul how are you? I am sorry that you underwent so much of sufferings due to me.”
I was also overwhelmed with emotions. I held her and kissed her still I could not believe that she was in my arms.
“You have also suffered so much. You have endured Jindal’s captivity for the last fifteen months.” I empathized with her.
We sat down on the sofa and looked towards each other lovingly.
Madhu looked ravenously beautiful in close hugging dark blue jeans and white low neck top. I was in a light colored trouser with a green tee shirt.

“Sawaat Dee Khrab.”
Jindal got shaken by my voice on the phone line.
He replied diffidently, “Khorb Khun Khrap.”
There was a pause and then he enquired to validate, “Are you Rahul?”
“Yes your memory has not failed, you thought that by shooting when I was unguarded and by escaping from the country you would be able to get rid of me.”
I replied and added, “Jer Kan…. Phrung Nii… Na Khrap.”
The tables had turned. My tough attitude made him feel jittery.
He could not believe that in just fifteen months time I would be ready to challenge him.
By then he had a misgiving that Madhu was in cahoots with me. He rushed home and saw her note.
“Jindal, don’t follow me because if you did not obey the order, you and your underling would lose your lives- Madhu.”
He had not experienced Madhu’s this Avatar. He contacted Monty.
Jindal and Monty reached Lebua State Tower, where they took lift to the top floor and reached Skybar.
Lebua state tower was the top luxury hotel and was the second tallest building in Bangkok. Skybar was large with a number of tables and chairs on roof top of the hotel. Men and women from different parts of the world, in fashionable clothes were in a state of fun and frolic. The restaurant provided excellent Mediterranean food and bar services to the guests.
Two Thai personal security men escorted Jindal and Monty and brought them to the table where Madhu and I were seated. The security men took the positions on both our sides and stood alert. They knew their job of providing us with full security. They were well versed in Thai as well as English languages yet they were not to interfere in our discussions.
It was the first time when Jindal, Monty were face to face with Madhu and myself in an atmosphere where there could be a possibility of a dialogue.
In a truly civic society such kind of situation would had been considered as ludicrous. It would have been considered as the violation of human rights but it was a hard fact. There was a couple, husband and wife, their marriage did not work but just because husband did not want to give up his right, his partner could not be with me. The husband earlier used his power to punish me and also to frighten his partner to fall in line, but when he failed then he was constrained to go for a dialogue. His man Friday, who was his accomplice in crime, was with him.
However for a change the power equation was in our favor. We had professional security men protecting us.
“Morally you had lost Madhu long time back, now you have lost her in the power game also. She never loved you. After we met we fell in love with each other. She had informed you in so many words that she was not happy and she wanted to be with me.” I placed the record straight for him.
“We are married and law is protecting our rights as husband and wife. She has been abducted by you right now. You both are committing adultery by your act.” He weakly put his point across.
His statement had no visible impact on Madhu this time. Whenever he had presented his male chauvinist view in the past she would go livid with emotions. She was cool because she knew that Jindal was at the losing end. She didn’t want to embarrass him further. She looked at me with a smile.
The Thai security men were closely observing our visitors. One small move would have prompted them to draw out their revolvers.
Jindal and Monty knew the underlying threat beneath the veneer of our civility.
“OK, what next?”
“You sign a vakalatnama just now and plead in favor of divorce under Indian Panel Code.”
“You cannot compel me to do so. It would be illegal.”
“You gunned me when I was unprotected and kidnapped and threatened Madhu, were those legal acts? Since when have you become proponent of law and justice?”
That was the flash point and the next moment Jindal and Monty had drawn their revolvers. But before they could shoot our security men had shot a number of bullets in the air as a reminder to them that they were alive only due to my and Madhu’s mercy.
Jindal and Monty laid down their revolvers on the table and stood defenseless. The revolvers were seized by the security men.
The guests went helter skelter around the terrace. In a few minutes the four cops appeared on the scene. Thai security men spoke to the cops and showed them their licenses. There had been no casualties and there had been no damage at the hotel, which cooled everyone’s tempers. The spirit of bohemian was back and the guests were busy as usual. The cops had satisfied themselves and they shortly left. Once the cops had gone, the security men returned Jindal and Monty’s revolvers to them.
“OK I will apply for divorce.”
Jindal finally admitted, he signed the vakalatnama. He admitted his defeat for the first time.
Jindal and Monty were relieved that they were being set free by us in spite of their criminal activities in the past.
They just picked up their revolvers, slipped them back in their pockets and cautiously moved away from the table.
“Please wait for a minute.” I interrupted.
Jindal and Monty turned back to listen to me.
“I am surprised that fateful day you could had as well finished me. Why did you only shoot my knees? I recalled.
“It might be that I am not as hard as I wanted to be.” Jindal replied.
“Do you have regrets today?”
Madhu was touched by the streak of kindness in her estranged husband. She remained quiet without showing her reaction.
I was a changed man already. I could not come to taking revenge from someone who had already lost the battle of love. However I didn’t want to dwell on it further.
“OK bye.”
Jindal and Monty turned back to leave.
The security men followed them till the lobby exit. After the security men were satisfied that they had left, they conveyed me the message on mobile.
Madhu and I were happy and relieved.
“I didn’t know that they could even be tamed. I didn’t know that you can command obedience even from criminals.” She showed her surprise.
“Why didn’t you report to the police? You have been abducted for about fifteen months, it was a long time. ” I asked her.
“I have a psychological fear; I have always ended up losing all my loved ones. I did not want to lose you. Even if you were away you were at least safe.”
“Why do you say so?”
“I loved my parents a lot. When I was just five years old I lost them in a car accident.”
“Jindal had shot you before my own eyes. He looked arrogant when he announced that he would make you crawl. I knew that you were being attacked because you loved me.”
“I am sure you would be relaxed now. Jindal and Monty would never dare strike again.”
“I agree with you. I had got convinced already and that’s why I contacted you on FB messenger.”
I pulled her in an embrace to kiss. I rested my palm on her nape and pressed my mouth on her moist pink lips. My tongue dug deep in her mouth and then she let loose her fury. Her tongue explored my mouth and pressed her body against mine. We were intoxicated; we held each other’s hands and shifted to the privacy of our suite in the same hotel.
I was well absorbed in my sexual experience with Madhu. All the same I could not stop myself in comparing with a similar experience with Poo, Thai girl the previous evening.
I knew that my experience with Madhu was much more rewarding because of our mutual love, yet I could not forget Thai girl’s dexterity in the physical act as she was well versed about the erroneous zones.
When Madhu and I consummated our act, we were perspiring. We separated ourselves and lay panting under the direct blast of the air conditioner.
“May we go out to Silom?” Madhu asked.
“I would sit in the room and write; you may go alone.” I suggested.
“OK, I shall go to the beauty parlor. I shall be back by dinner.”
She rang the driver as she had already been introduced to him.
“Sawaat Dee Khrab.”
“Khun Supreecha, Sawaat Dee Kha. Please get the car; I will be down in the next five minutes.”
Supreecha parked the white Audi A-6 at the porch and got down to open the back seat door for her.
Once she was comfortably seated he shut the door and returned back to the driver’s seat.
He steered the car in the heavy traffic for about half an hour and brought it to MBK Centre, one of the biggest malls in Bangkok.

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