In Pursuit of Happiness

Always those men who were serious about their missions have achieved more than those who were caught up by the trappings of their status, position or the circumstances. The truth is that the serious people live their passions; they try for achievement and whether they get the results during their lifetimes is not so very important.
Achievement in life is generally related with wealth and position, but in reality the true heroes may sometimes not get those rewards in their lifetimes.
Munshi Premchand was a great Indian writer, who wrote novels like “Godan”,
“Gaban”, “Seva sadan” and short stories like “Shatranj ke khiladi” and “Idgah.”
He was regarded as the greatest writer in Hindi Literature. He lived a very hard life due to economic strife.
Mirza Ghalib, the last great poet of Mughal era. He wrote couplets in Urdu and in Persian language. He brought a revolution in Urdu literature by developing an easy, simple and beautiful way of writing. Being a member of declining Mughal nobility and old landed aristocracy, he never worked for a livelihood, lived on either royal patronage of Mughal Emperors, credit or the generosity of his friends. His fame came to him posthumously.
There are many unsung heroes who have been part of our lives as well. They probably live through a lot of hardships to provide value to our lives.
When we try to relate good work only by achievements then we generally miss the important point.
In my view even a jawaan who dies for the nation or a farmer who lives through hardships and cultivates food items for us are our unsung heroes.

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