Fear of Dying

I have suffered with the fear of dying, a phobia which I share with millions.
On this subject I am glad to share a study published in TOI today, “Dying is less terrifying and sad than you think”.
The research says that people who are dying are far more positive about it than people expect.
It is a mind blowing revelation and it demolishes the myth I along with many have lived with, probably all their lives.
I had a friend with whom I had shared my fear that how tough was the experience of dying. He was a spiritual man and he had told me, “Death is like going to sleep. The difference being that in sleep the person’s mind keeps functioning, where as in death his mind stops functioning.”
I asked him that whether the body suffered any pain even after death. He said that there was no pain for the dead body.
I couldn’t believe his first part of explanation because many people who were close to death had shared their fear of dyeing with me. Secondly many who attended to the people who were close to dying also displayed the anxiety and the sadness in their attitude, which had strengthened my fear.
Probably the real fear for the outsiders was the fear of unknown. In a simple way Death can be compared to a machine, for which the power supply has stopped. Therefore fearing the end or the passage to the end is a meaningless and futile thought process.
The inevitable fact is that one day this life will be over. That day will come in every one’s life. Therefore the important message is to enjoy the life as long as one lives.

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