About Sunil

first-day-of-fallSunil Gera is a renowned author two romantic thrillers: ‘Stars n Your Eyes’ which released in August 2015 and ‘Make Me Your Friend’; a sensational thriller released in 2012 in India. Sunil took onto writing Bold and Passionate novels for the youth, to evoke dreams, desires and determination to live their dreams!

Sunil had been nurturing this dream of writing for almost over a decade; and finally with ‘Make Me Your Friend’, he found an avenue to express his thoughts and live the lifelong dream of touching lives of a million young minds by the power of his stories. He continues his journey with his second best seller book ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ which once again catapults Sunil in the league of top Indian Authors in the romantic thriller genre.

Sunil tries to engage and entertain the youth by the art of storytelling on how the journey of self exploration and dreaming larger than life can empower one to do the impossible too. He believes that his books are a clear reflection of the deepest human desires and how these desires trigger people to act in life. He believes that the youth today is strongly motivated by the glamour of fame and fortune and these desires may sometimes trigger them to make their own rules of success-independent of the conventional throes of the Indian Moral brigade.

Money, Fame, Love, Lust, Compulsion and the Power to be Invincible is what Sunil wants his readers to feel and experience in his page turners. He believes that a story is only as good as it personifies the deepest human emotions of the reader, and seamlessly transcends the reader into the story itself.

An edge of the seat romantic thriller with a dash of crime is what Sunil best describes his style of writing as. He promises you a thrillsational experience in this journey of finding love and living your dreams, which inspires you to love boldly, live passionately, and dream sensationally!

Sunil famously states: If you have a dream-read my books and get inspired to live your dreams; If you don’t have a dream yet-definitely read my books and get influenced!