A Life Time

Life time means different to different people.
It could be 65 years or 50 years 100 years or for that matter anything.
What is more important is that how that life was spent?
People give innumerable excuses for not living a meaning full life, but they must pause and look at the lives of many who could achieve so much in the similar difficult circumstances.
To illustrate my point I will give an example of Sir Jamset Ji Tata.
He was born in Navsari in 1839. He visualized India among great industrial nations. He lived for 65 years and he set up Textile mills, Hydro power plants, Steel plants, Hotels and Charitable institutions. He founded Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate company.
He was a true visionary and he left behind a great legacy. Nothing but the best was good for him. Three of biggest projects- Tata Steel, Indian School of Science and Tata Hydel Power became operational, by his chosen men after his passing away. He started a trust and donated Rs. 30 Lacs in 1898, for educational research (Rs.30 lacs of that time should be equal to minimum Rs. 1,000 Crores today.)
He is regarded as the, “Father of Indian Industry.”
We all can feel inspired by the great man like Sir Jamset Ji. We should spend our time well, so that we can make a difference in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.

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