Life is like a book of mysteries.
As soon as you unravel one,
you would find another one staring at you.


Love is unpredictable...
It changes you from within...
for the good or the bad...
you never know...

About Sunil

Sunil Gera is an author of the books ‘Stars in Your Eyes' and 'Make Me Your Friend'; both edge of the seat sensational romantic thrillers. Sunil loves to pen bold and passionate novels for the youth, which inspire and evoke dreams, desires and determination to make their dreams come true!

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Natural Choice
9 Jun

Natural Choice

There are many criterions to measure somebody’s success, but for me the answer to one question, “Whether he is Happy?” is the most important one. During the growing years a person is natural and therefore h...
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An Indian Expatriate
4 Mar

An Indian Expatriate

Rajan would have been overjoyed with the idea of settling in England, when he was young. However the opportunity came almost fifty years late! He was seventy two, when he lost his spouse and his son who was...
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9 Feb


A friend of mine lost his mother a few days back. It was an utmost tragedy for him. He left for his home town by the morning flight. Being at a very important post he returned after completing his mother’s last...
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Words of Praise

"Make me your friend is a romantic thriller. Sunil Gera is at his best in this powerful gripping plot. It is the story of the life of a girl who doesn’t live by the rules of the society. The author has very sensitively drawn all characters in the novel. This is a swashbuckling plot, which must be read by youth, executives and housewives. This seat-of -edge thriller describes a unique escape adventure with finesse. The author’s style is very fine. He takes readers to a word of Utopia through his maze of words. You can think of the impossible while reading this novel. Your hidden desires would spring up from nowhere even as you read its perfect dialogues and text. This novel is nothing but the pinnacle of thrill; and our readers would enjoy it to the hilt."
- Mr. Narendra Kumar Verma, Chairman,Diamond Group
Working with Sunil was a pleasure. He is very professional, experienced and open to learning new experiences. It was a learning experience for all while working together.
- Arup Bose, Publisher, Srishti Publishers & Distributors